owner & head creator

Brittany resides in northern New Jersey. She is constantly researching and reading up on the occult, paranormal, magick & herbal apothecary. She believes heavily in the powers of  the moon, the secrets of the rose, the divine and rock & roll.  One of her latest endeavors is working on the completion of a space clearing certification.

Besides Luna Rose Collective and her full time job, Brittany appears as a co-host on the Athletes & Artists podcast, in addition to being the Research & Development manager, investigator and one of the founders for the Epicedium Paranormal team. Brittany is a graduate of Montclair State University with a BFA in Dance.

When she's not working on any of the above, you can find most likely find Brittany at a rock concert, taking a modern dance class, antique hunting or crafting for fun!