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New year, new intentions

Updated: Mar 29

Hello, all! Guess what? We finally made it into the new year!

I am not sure about everyone else, but I am excited to create new intentions for the year to manifest my own personal goals and desires!

The USA and the world in general, are still going through some tough times between politics and Covid-19. Do you find yourself getting caught tumbling into the endless whirlwind of toxic social media? Try getting your mind off of that by doing yoga or meditation with some burning incense to help reset and focus your mind.

I also highly recommend keeping ourselves busy with different projects to try since we are all staying home a lot more now, more than ever! Do you like to cook? Try new recipes! Do you like to craft? There are plenty of craft ideas one can look into on Pinterest or Youtube alone! Do you have any books lying around that you haven’t gotten into yet? Make some time out of your day or week to read! Put down the phone and computer, and open your mind. The possibilities of keeping ourselves distracted and busy while staying at home, are endless!

Taking time out for ourselves to relax and focus on non-materialistic things, is crucial this winter. Focus on your intentions for the year, but also the month’s individually. What do you want to bring to fruition? List out goals, projects, intentions, etc. How can you bring abundance or change into your life in a positive way? If you picture the way you want to feel after a project is completed or an intention is fulfilled, this can help you open and expand your mind to be able to manifest such things into your life.

It is my belief, that what you ask from the universe, you shall receive –

be as specific as you can!

I hope this first blog post is a healthy reminder to all who reads this, to not forget to work on not only yourself, but your psyche. YOU come first- not social media or anyone else. As long as you take the time out to relax, align your chakras , etc then manifesting your

desires will come easier!


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Be on the lookout for the next blog post! Until then..Stay well everyone! And don’t forget to check out the shop to see the latest products if you haven’t already!


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