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Introduction to Florida Water

Updated: Mar 29

Introduction to Florida Water

Originally created by New York City perfumer Robert I. Murray, in 1808. Florida Water is said to have been the American version of “Eau de cologne”, which was a popular perfume that originated in Cologne, Germany in the early 1700’s.

Many people with various backgrounds are known to use Florida Water. It is known as a light cologne to be used by both men and women however, there are many ways to incorporate Florida water into your life. Use it as an offering in rituals, put some in a bath for meditation or relaxation, add to water when cleaning your home, etc.

From personal experience, I wanted to incorporate Florida Water into my shop as my family has been using it for what seems like generations (on my puerto rican side). I think not only the ingredients within, but the belief in the results from using this product from generation to generation, help to bring about results.

Florida water is not the only cologne ever made to be believed to produce positive results. In fact, I fully intend to incorporate other colognes into the shop gradually over time to attract more people to Luna Rose Collective. This product is like any other metaphysical product: as long as the belief is there, then the results will come.

What do you believe?

What brand of colognes would you like to see us sell next? Let us know by commenting!

Look out for our next blog post dropping mid April!


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