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Crystals are a vibe

Whether you are an avid crystal lover or a beginner enthusiast, everyone can utilize the benefits of using crystals day-to-day. Don't believe me? Let's break some points down!

All crystals have different properties that you can use for different things. Whether it's to enhance the energy of your home, for psychic protection, healing, etc., everyone can resonate with certain crystals and their properties.

How does this work?

Crystals are found within the earth all over the world. It is said that they harness their own energy however, you can also implement your own energy into them and advise the crystal what you want it to do. This practice is called programming.

Cleansing & charging

Aside from programming, (which can be done shortly after you purchase a crystal), you can also cleanse and charge your crystals as well. Now, some people reading this may think this is strange however, both ideas are to everyone's benefit. Cleansing can involve meditating, placing certain crystals on salt, running certain crystals through running water, etc. (Full disclosure: not all crystals can either be placed on salt or run through water). Charging can also involve meditation, using the moon or sun's energy, using storm energy, etc. (Full disclosure: not all crystals can be placed in the sun).

The best part about using crystals?

You can choose, program, cleanse & charge your crystals however YOU want to! Sure, there are plenty of blogs, books and audio books on these topics but ultimately - the choice is yours. I always tell others, whatever feels natural to you - do it. It feels organic and natural to you for a reason; so, embrace that!

Crystals are sold in various forms

I personally favor crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets since I am always on the go and bigger pieces to place around my home. You can find crystals carved into different designs such as triangles, skulls, sacred geometric shapes, animals etc. - you get the idea! More and more crystal or metaphysical shops seem to be popping up all around the USA and beyond so, crystals are becoming more accessible for everyone.

Reminder: the LRC shop offers the following crystals:

Black Tourmaline

- Beneficial for: protecting against negative energy, detoxing, balancing feminine/masculine energy, & more!

Black Kyanite

- Beneficial for: reprogramming cell memory, mental clarity, balance & more!

Rose Quartz

- Higher vibration stone

- Beneficial for: Reducing tension, overcoming trauma, heart & circulatory system, inducing love & more!


- Highly protective stone and can help guard against psychic or energetic attack. Can also help to clear away negative energy. Known for enhancing metaphysical abilities and is great to use for meditation or scrying. Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Smokey Quartz

- Beneficial for: Blocking geopathic stress, protecting the earth chakra, and more!


- Higher vibration stone

- Can help to clear and cleanse other crystals

- Great for cleansing/healing the aura & cutting cords

- Great for promoting positive energy within a space

So, to sum this blog post up: Crystals can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, for anything! Don't be discouraged by some folks out in the world who advise that such tools, (aka stones from the earth that anyone can mine and find), can only be used by those of us who study and work with the occult - this is false.

Reiki & holistic practitioners use crystals to aide in the process of healing. Anyone who understands how to manipulate energy can use crystals. Not sure how? Hit the World Wide Web and look for books on the topic and form your own opinions and beliefs based off what you read. Again, do only what comes natural to you. For example - when I go to purchase a crystal, I go off of my intuition and am drawn to certain crystals right off the bat. I don't even have to know or memorize what a crystal is for - it is my belief that my guides, aka spirit team, guide me to choose the ones that would work best for me at that time; I basically get a clear feeling. I know others that need to hold a crystal to feel its energy prior to purchasing. This could mean they get a tingling or warming sensation in their hands. Everyone is different in their approach to crystals but ultimately, you have the control over what crystals to buy and how to choose which ones are right for you.

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In the meantime, feel free to also look around the shop - we still have plenty of stock!


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