Luna Rose Collective is a specialty products and gift shopAll LRC  made products contain high quality ingredients, such as essential oils, and the best intentions. Our current inventory of original products are created under the full or new moons for added charge. The LRC shop also sells products that we believe are of the best quality provided by other vendors.  Note: All products are cleansed with incense before being shipped out.

***Due to covid-19, we are taking precautions by wearing gloves and a mask while handling any product.***

LRC is comprised of the owner/head creator and volunteers. We thank all visitors in advance for purchasing our products. Our success and growth will be because of you. Keep checking our website for updates as we are always thinking of new and innovative ways to change!


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Brittany resides in northern New Jersey. She is constantly researching and reading up on the occult, paranormal, magick & herbal apothecary. She believes heavily in the powers of  the moon, the secrets of the rose, the divine and rock & roll.  One of her latest endeavors is working on the completion of a space clearing certification.

Besides Luna Rose Collective and her full time job, Brittany appears as a co-host on the Athletes & Artists podcast, in addition to being the Research & Development manager, investigator and one of the founders for the Epicedium Paranormal team. Brittany is a graduate of Montclair State University with a BFA in Dance.

When she's not working on any of the above, you can find most likely find Brittany at a rock concert, taking a modern dance class, antique hunting or crafting for fun!