Half Full Moon



Luna Rose Collective creates handmade products that are created under the different phases and energy of the moon. This energy acts as an extra charge to keep the positivity ever flowing. Our products contain high quality ingredients and the best of intentions - they make perfect gifts! We encourage anyone and everyone to use our products.

We were founded under an idea that quickly turned into a hobby and ultimately, a passion! Our name incorporates our love of the moon, roses, wildcrafting and our goal of becoming a one stop shop for all things metaphysical. The moon illuminates an exorbitant amount of energy onto our planet and into space daily - why not harness that energy? Roses have also been looked at as a sacred flower for centuries that creates power and healing on their own. Both are symbols of great and positive energy.


We also ultimately aim to house our own unique products as well as others in the future. If you are interested in having your product(s) showcased on our website, send an inquiry through our contact us page.

We thank all visitors in advance for purchasing our products. Our success and growth will be because of you.


Keep checking our website for updates as we are always thinking of new and innovative ways to change!

- The LRC Team

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